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Every bid is considered due to pregnancy! Good house is the most important! Guide price € 3000, -

Offered directly from breeder
Skyler N
Arabian thoroughbred yearling mare (26-08-2018)
Dam CSA ELYAIJNA (Aparan x Elema x WERMUT)

Sky knows the principles of Natural Horsemanship. She grew up in our small (4 to 5) herd of different ages. We have a farm, so Skyler is familiar with tractors, trucks and other traffic. Due to her willingness to work and strong build, she could become a super riding / sport horse. Tidy on time, dewormed, grafted and trimmed.

Skyler is CA carrier and SCID free
More information, photos - video, please have a PB. To be viewed in Poortvliet, Zeeland - The Netherlands

Greetings Naomi

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Sire Pesal
Sire of sire Partner
s.s.s. Eleuzis
m.s.s. Parma
Dam of sire Perforacja
d.s.d. Ernal
m.m.s. Pentoza
Mother CSA Elyaijna
Sire of dam Aparan
s.s.d. Desant
m.s.m. Angelika
Dam of dam Elema
s.d.d. Wermut
d.d.d. Eleina