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For Sale:videolink:!AhMdlghpTGlFxDBUHhcoGBQH2NTyHotline Diamond, 11 yo, handsome black gelding, 1.70 m.Diamond was bought as a two y.o. colt on the P.S.I auction to Hungary. A Toptalent for a topamount money. He lifed in Hungary for 9 years , didn't go to shows en became schooled to level 3 with an unconfirmed flying change. Now since 3,5 month he is with me in training in the Netherlands, and it is clear that al the talent from this horse didn't come out yet.  The horse is realy pretty, is talented, it is clear he has everything in him to go to the highest level but it isn't ready yet.He is sweet, freindly, honest, polite and a pleaser. Not complicated and light in the mouth. Doesn't want to make mistakes. It would have been better that I rode him about 6 months longer but the owner doesn't want to wait that long. Diamond is a good mover, has a nice swing. Has to be more strong in "the new way": connected and using his back in the right way. But he is doing it well and learning it well. When he is stronger in this way he certanly will show the quality in strength and movement wich he has. Four weeks ago, he was his first show ever! and he made it 2x over 60% on level 3. Although he was very much impressed, he did what I asked him to do, didn't let me down! Because of his pleasing character. He was clearly an eyecatcher, seen by everyone wwho made me compliments about his beauty.The owner understands that the horse can not be in the same price range than when he bought him because than Diamond had to be on the GP level right now. If he had been with an experienced GP rider from the age of 4/5, than I know for sure he would have been GP right now. Because of his confirmation, genes and aditude.Who's looking forward to train this horse to the highest level? He needs a experienced, patient and balanced rider, who forgives him his little mistakes. He will make you smile… :-) 


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