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For sale: Very lux and long lined stallion foal (March 25, 2018) with ample movement and easy handling. Large size.Mother is classified in 5 races M and due to lack of time of amazone no longer released. Mare is exceptionally easy and in good working order.Tel: 0513-571570


Sire Four Legends KS
Sire of sire Wynton
s.s.s. Jazz
m.s.s. Acacia
Dam of sire Vienna
Elite preferent prok
d.s.d. Ferro
m.m.s. Annabel
Elite, Preferent, Prestatie, Prok
Mother Camille Roma
Sire of dam Flemmingh
s.s.d. Lacapo
m.s.m. Texas
Dam of dam Arona
Ster preferent
s.d.d. L. Ronald
d.d.d. Oline
Ster preferent