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A horse for the future!!Very lux allround horse.In March he had his first dressage competition, now we currently running at L1 and ready for L2. We where going a few times to a practice course, he also does it very well. He is a nice horse also for a trip outside in the woods you can go alone.For more information you can reach me on the phone number 31(0)6-21954962


Sire Phin Phin
1,50 springen
Sire of sire Chin Chin
1,60 springen
s.s.s. Constant
1,50 springen
m.s.s. Larese H
M1 dressuur
Dam of sire Miss Abdullah T
d.s.d. Abdullah
1,60 springen
m.m.s. Wienerin
Mother Santolina D
L2 dressuur/ M springen
Sire of dam Jetsed-D
Z2 dressuur/ L springen
s.s.d. Zirkoon
m.s.m. Escansan
Dam of dam Iris
M1 dressuur/ Pres,Ster
s.d.d. Bernstein
d.d.d. Cerise
Prest, pref, ster