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Nadal VG – A beautiful, long-legged and long-lined stallion foal with lots of suppleness. Born on 01-04-2018. The KWPN-recognised father Vitalis (v. Vivaldi) has built up a reputation more and more through the years as sire. The mother of Nadal VG is an elite mare that, on top of that, performed a good IBOP. This J’adore stems from Bretton Woods, one of the most royal Johnson-sons. Bretton Woods was successful in the international Light Tour with Matthias Alexander Rath. The dam line continues with the proven stallions Hohenstein and Weltmeyer and it is at the basis of diverse international sports horses and recognised stallions.Contact (Yvonne): 0031 6-28396806


Sire Vitalis
Sire of sire Vivaldi
s.s.s. Krack C
m.s.s. Renate Utopia
Ster pref
Dam of sire Tovila
Elite preferent sport-(dr) prok
d.s.d. D-Day
m.m.s. Nalivia
Mother J'adore
Elite ibop-(dr) prok
Sire of dam Bretton Woods
s.s.d. Johnson
m.s.m. Annabel
Elite pref prest prok
Dam of dam Hoheit
s.d.d. Hohenstein
d.d.d. Quality