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Because our daughter goes over to the horses, our super sport ponies come & nbsp; to lease.

Magic is a great pony to ride, and she is super sweet and patient. she is running L2 dressage and jumping Z, dressageally she is very nice to ride and good for the aids she asks an experienced rider to jump. she can be neatly fixed and hours be polished and can be saddled up nicely. Magic has a lot experience, she has been Noord Holland champion several times with  dressage and jumping and has already done many Dutch championships. she has many big ones  won competitions, it is a real sport pony, if you have a good tire  With Magic she is even without a saddle and bridle to drive. despite her enormous mountain of experience we do not find her suitable for a very real beginner, we are looking for a horseman for her  who has feeling with driving and her in a sweet, quiet and respect full drive then she does everything for you. There is an ebb and flow bin present and the possibility to take private and group lessons, Competition driving is possible after some time in consultation. Magic is not allowed be moved. included in the lease price is her daily care, food, straw, blacksmith, veterinarian and all her things. So without unexpected costs and high purchase costs to a great sport to be able to ride a pony, nevertheless enjoy a super pony. lease price 200 euros per month. pony is in Heerhugowaard north and may not be moved.

our super New forest D pony 148 high. Soulmate is a big D pony it  is a spicy pony with riding. We are looking for a quiet one for soulmate rider who has a sense of driving. Soulmate is Z jumping and M eventing. He is super easy going and easy to saddle up. He has a lot of energy while riding and likes to work for his rider does not make him suitable for a starting rider, but an experienced rider rider has a super pony on it. & nbsp;  There is an ebb and flow bin present and taking lessons with us belongs to the possibility. The lease price is already included stuff, full care of blacksmith and veterinary costs. An own sport pony without risk high purchase costs and unforeseen costs. 200  per month. Pony is in heerhugowaard north.


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