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3 year old gelding, has not been trained yetFather is Big Star jr, son of Olympic Champion Big Star.Father on the mother's side the internationally well performing Taloubet Z.Recently approved radiographically


Sire Big Star Jr K Z
Sire of sire Big Star
s.s.s. Quick Star
m.s.s. Jolanda
Dam of sire Krista
d.s.d. Polydor
m.m.s. Paquita
Mother Taloubets Damiro Z
Sire of dam Taloubet Z
s.s.d. Galoubet A
m.s.m. Krista
Dam of dam Korinne
s.d.d. Damiro B
d.d.d. Albertine
Weda & Wensing
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