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Not a stallion as hot as Kannan since the win of Nino at the 2012 Olympics.  Comparing King to Nino would be incorrect but there are many resemblanches in the type.  Next to that, King comes from a strong line.  His sister Early performed at international level with Audrey Geiser, his full brother King Of Kannan with Daniel Bluman and dam Butterfly is a sister of the GP horse Quickly Z.  The line also gave Nina Des Hayettes (B.Jazede), Reveur De Heurtebise HDC (K.Staut) en Scherzo Des Isles (N. De Miranda)Dam Butterfly also gave us this year a foal from Big Star.


Sire Kannan
Sire of sire Voltaire
s.s.s. Furioso II
Dam of sire Cemeta
d.s.d. Nimmerdor
Mother Butterfly
Sire of dam Emilion
s.s.d. Wellington
Dam of dam Randa
s.d.d. Rivage Du Poncel
Weda & Wensing
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