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For Sale due to & nbsp; too little time due to family circumstances and not enough time to compete..Zamiro, a 16 & nbsp; year old brown gelding from Casa Grande V x Matterhorn x Indoctro.1.67 m and has achieved good results and victories at 1:30 /1.35/1.40m level both nationally and internationally and has also competed in some young riders. I have written down a selection of the victories, but he has achieved a lot. & Nbsp; Zamiro is still fresh and cheerful in life and in & nbsp; dealing a very affectionate and sweet and horse. Easy to ride dressage. Easy to ride with a water ring and has a light mouth. Makes & nbsp; easy changes. In the lower classes a good schoolmaster and in the higher classes he needs an experienced / certain rider due to his caution. Is still super hard and dry on the legs. Have always been careful with him. Comes from a good stock and "elite" mother is Tia Maria VDL. Who also ran high in the sport.Braaf at the blacksmith and on the truck.Is also regularly been to the forest and beach for a change.Really a nice horse to come and try. Since his 5th year in our possession. For more information and contact you can send a PB. Added extra movie with rider with not much jumping experience yet

For sale Zamiro, a 16 & nbsp; years & nbsp; old brown valid by Casa Grande V x Matterhorn x Indoctro.1.67 m and has good results / victories at 1: 30 / 1.35 / 1.40 m level both nationally and internationally. Dealing very sweet and simple horse. Dressage easy to ride.In & nbsp; the higher classes & nbsp; & nbsp; jumping he needs an experienced / certain rider because he is careful, in the lower classes he is a good schoolmaster.Is still super hard on the legs. Comes out of an excellent pedigree and mother is "elite" Tia Maria VDL. For more information or contact you can send an pm.


Sire Casa Grande V
Sire of sire Cantus
Dam of sire I.Gervante
Mother Tia Maria VDL
Sire of dam Matterhorn
s.s.d. Ahorn
m.s.m. Elysette
Dam of dam Natasja
s.d.d. Indoctro


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Roosendaal 2016 1.35 1
Csi st. Giovanni 2016 1.35 1
Oudkarspel 2016 1.40 5
Oudkarspel 2017 1.35 1