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Welcome to Blije Combinaties, the organization in the Netherlands that can help you to progress in the world of dressage. The owner of Blije Combinaties, Carina Neervoort, has been active in equestrian sports all her life. For many years, Carina has been a passionate dressage rider and by working intensively on her sport she has earned her spurs as an active Small Tour rider. In order to meet the increasing demand from fellow riders and amazons, Carina has been active in recent years as an instructor and jury member (up to and including ZZ Licht). Every day, Carina helps novice, advanced and advanced combinations to get better. In addition to the technical training, a lot of attention is paid during the training to the harmony between rider / rider and horse / pony. A balanced balance between the two, and the fun you experience together, are just as important during the sessions as the technical instructions. In recent years we have helped many combinations to get better. Our starting point is therefore that we are there for everyone. We are happy to help anyone who is passionate about dressage sport to get the most out of the combination. Do you want to know more or make an appointment? Call or email us! or 06-55732064